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"That elusive shot, that evasive shade and that pervasive theme"

I see frames everywhere, not just because I am a photographer, I always saw them. I see people, their expressions, gestures, the play of light and shade and a profusion of colours - slivers of magic, and I try to capture it all! The opportunities are endless for someone who sees an image in any situation.
Having begun as a clueless teenager I found my true calling only after having dabbled in the Ad world. My tryst in photography began with assisting ace photographer Nrupen Madhvani and my resolve to become a name to reckon with became even strong. After which I joined Shari Academy of Digital photography where my passion grew by leaps and bounds and I went onto becoming the Master Craftsmen of the year and also bagged the Best Fashion Photography and Food Photography Award, Luxoculus. 
Some of my personal highlights include:
  1. Master craftsmen of the year, Luxoculus 2011
  2. Best Fashion Photography, Luxoculus 2011
  3. Best Food Photography, Luxoculus 2011
  4. Top 5, Still Life category, Photographer of the year, Better Photography Magazine 2012
  5. Top 5, Joy of Colours, Photographer of the year, Better Photography Magazine 2012
  6. 3rd in Landscape catergory in Michael Maven International photography contest, USA, 2012
  7. 2nd place Dhobhi Ghat (The movie) and MWS photo contest 2011

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